Personal Statement

Why I chose DTC

As someone that didn’t have much growing up, I relied heavily on digital technologies to go about my daily life. I loved to emerge myself into the digital world whether that be by working on computers, browsing the web or playing games. I was always fascinated by the numerous ways someone’s creativity was brought to life with the use of technology. That being said, I was immediately interested when I found out I could tie in all my passions into a DTC major. Getting to do things such as creating designs or designing websites for others to use and enjoy is something, I always pictured myself doing.

Throughout my time here at WSU, I’ve learned so many things about the digital scene. Whether that be about the different software’s I can use to get my ideas out, to the importance of digital privacy and inclusivity. Which in my opinion is one of the most important topics that I wish to bring with me to work on in my future career. From creating content that is accessible to everyone to creating content that welcomes people from different backgrounds. In my opinion, digital inclusion is an extremely important subject to cover. Because the more people you get your work out to, and the more your work appeals to them, the more likely it is for that work to have a positive impact on a person. Just like someone else’s work impacted me when I was growing up. I hope to one day bring my learnings specifically into the area of esports and animations. Simply because many major companies have been spending so much time and money on making a game’s environment lifelike and realistic. That they often forget to make their characters/settings lifelike and realistic. Often over sexualizing female characters, creating unachievable body proportions, and forgetting to add settings for players with disabilities.

I hope to take what I’ve learned from my DTC classes and show those companies how to improve their creations and how beneficial those changes can be to other people, and with a major in Digital Technology and Culture, I truly believe I can help do that